About Me

Name:  Katie
Birthday: July 15
Current Location:  Flagler County, FL

My story:
I have the typical "fat kid growing up and finally took control of my weight" story as many other health and fitness bloggers do.

After my oldest daughter, Kaylee, was born in 2003 I weighed 217 and had a 42 inch waist.  I refused to wear women's pants because I didn't want to know what size I was.

I actually didn't gain very much weight after Mo, my middle daughter, was born in 2005.  I wore a size 13.

In 2009 with Sunny, my youngest, I gained 45 pounds.  After she was born I weight 197 pounds and wore a size 17/19.

This is what I always consider my starting point.

In 2011 I found out I had gallstones and in 2012 my gallbladder was removed.  So now, I cannot deal with fat.  When I actually eat alot of it (alot= over 3 grams at a time) I end up in crippling pain.  Not fun!  That caused me to start my other blog The Fat Free Queen.

2012 is also when I started hitting the gym regularly and lifting weights.  In 2013 I decided I wanted to do a fitness competition.  This year I finally found one that I wanted to do and hired a coach.

Barre instructor - Beach Barre, Flagler Beach.AFAA Personal Trainer
AFPA Health and Wellness Consultant - Master Level
AFPA Health and Wellness Consultant
AFPA Sports Nutrition Consultant
AFPA Weight Management Consultant

My Supporting Crew:

Ken - My husband
He backs me 100 % on every idea I have, no matter how stupid.  He believes in me.  He's by my side 90% of the time and is considering competing in the same competition

Kaylee - My oldest
She's almost 11 and smart as hell.  She's a competitive swimmer and has her sights set on the Olympics.  You can follow her on Tumblr HERE

Mo - My middle
She's 9 and a big ball of amazing.  She joined a competitive cheer squad at the beginning of 2014 and loves it.  You can follow her on Tumblr HERE 

Sunny - The baby
She's actually 5.  She's the most entertaining little girl I've ever met.  She dances, sings and never stops trying to put on a show.  Plus, she loves to bake.  Follow her Tumblr HERE

The Details of the Show:

Show 1
Name:  NGA Florida
Date: October 4,2014
Location:  Ormond Beach

Show 2
Name:  MuscleMania
Date: November 1, 2014
Location:  Tampa

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