Tuesday, April 26, 2016

That's It Review

That's It bars are great.  They are made from 2 ingredients; apples and whatever else is in the bar.  I eat one Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between clients. I decided to order a sampler box.  The sampler box has 9 different flavors.  I decided to review every flavor for you.  
These bars are great.  They only have around 100 calories, no fat, and 26 carbs (all from fruit).

Apple + Apricot
My least favorite.  VERY tart.  And I wasn't expecting the color.  Kinda wondering why it wasn't more yellow.

Apple + Banana
This one tasted like banana bread.  It also wasn't as soft.  Yet again, another favorite.  

Apple + Pear
Yuck!  2 thumbs down.  I hate pears.  This is the second new flavor I tried from the box.  I tried the ones that I didn't think I'd like first.  This one was horrible. 

Apple + Coconut
I liked this one because it has a bit of crunch.  And the coconut was unsweetened so it gave you a small break from all the sweetness.  I have no clue why I don't have a picture.  

Apple +Strawberry
This is another flavor I get at Daily's...daily.  Nothing really special about this one.  I do enjoy it though. 

Apple + Blueberry
This flavor is sold at the Daily's near one of my client's houses.  I eat this one quite regularly.  It's okay.  This particular bar was a bit dry.

Apple + Mango

I was semi-surprised that this was good.  Sometimes mango is good, sometimes it's gross, so I didn't know which to expect.  This was good.  It was sweet.

Apple + Pineapple
Very yellow.  The apple and pineapple blended very nicely together.  I was pleasantly surpirsed by how good this tasted.  I normally hate pineapple.  There was a pineapple after taste and it was nice.  This bar was actually quite refreshing.  

Apple + Cherry
VERY red comparatively.  I loved it.  Not too sweet, yet not too tart.  The cherry flavor stood out but it mixed well with the apple.

Side note:  I found a piece of a pit in my apricot bar, I sent the company a message to let them know, and they sent me a free sample box!  I love companies that go above and beyond to make clients happy.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March 2014

See her?

And her?

Can you believe she though she needed to trim her thighs?  She wasn't really happy with the way she looked.  She still had fat days.  

After being overweight my whole life, I was happy that I was finally skinny but, I didn't think I looked good enough.  I was a size 7, about 111 pounds with a 27.5 inch waist.  I still thought I wasn't good enough.  

In this picture I was sucking my stomach in because I thought I looked fat....

I had serious issues.  

  • I was a size 7 but, it wasn't a size 5...
  • I was horrified when I saw my weight on the scale jump too much...{I was afraid of becoming fat again}
  • I weighed myself 2-3 times A DAY
  • I could see my heart beating through my chest
  • My hair was super thin

The weird thing is that I'd look at photos and I was horrified.  I knew that I was too skinny,  I knew I needed to gain weight, I knew that there was something wrong with me,but, I could shake off those feelings in under 30 seconds.  I could go back to rationalizing it all.  

Honestly I don't know why I'm writing this post.  I think that after 2 years I need to admit that I struggled (and still struggle) with a serious issue.  

This is a picture I took today. 

In this picture I see someone who weighs 30 pounds too much.  I see jiggly thighs, and a flabby stomach.  But, I see progress.  I see muscle, I see strength.  I honestly took this picture because I was happy that my upper body was starting to get as big as my lower body and I was starting to feel symmetrical.  

I have come a long way and I have a long way to go but, I'll get there, slowly and surely.  One day I'll be 100% 75% happy with the way I look {because I don't believe anyone's 100% happy with their body}.  But until that time I'll work towards my goals in a healthy way.