Tuesday, April 26, 2016

That's It Review

That's It bars are great.  They are made from 2 ingredients; apples and whatever else is in the bar.  I eat one Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between clients. I decided to order a sampler box.  The sampler box has 9 different flavors.  I decided to review every flavor for you.  
These bars are great.  They only have around 100 calories, no fat, and 26 carbs (all from fruit).

Apple + Apricot
My least favorite.  VERY tart.  And I wasn't expecting the color.  Kinda wondering why it wasn't more yellow.

Apple + Banana
This one tasted like banana bread.  It also wasn't as soft.  Yet again, another favorite.  

Apple + Pear
Yuck!  2 thumbs down.  I hate pears.  This is the second new flavor I tried from the box.  I tried the ones that I didn't think I'd like first.  This one was horrible. 

Apple + Coconut
I liked this one because it has a bit of crunch.  And the coconut was unsweetened so it gave you a small break from all the sweetness.  I have no clue why I don't have a picture.  

Apple +Strawberry
This is another flavor I get at Daily's...daily.  Nothing really special about this one.  I do enjoy it though. 

Apple + Blueberry
This flavor is sold at the Daily's near one of my client's houses.  I eat this one quite regularly.  It's okay.  This particular bar was a bit dry.

Apple + Mango

I was semi-surprised that this was good.  Sometimes mango is good, sometimes it's gross, so I didn't know which to expect.  This was good.  It was sweet.

Apple + Pineapple
Very yellow.  The apple and pineapple blended very nicely together.  I was pleasantly surpirsed by how good this tasted.  I normally hate pineapple.  There was a pineapple after taste and it was nice.  This bar was actually quite refreshing.  

Apple + Cherry
VERY red comparatively.  I loved it.  Not too sweet, yet not too tart.  The cherry flavor stood out but it mixed well with the apple.

Side note:  I found a piece of a pit in my apricot bar, I sent the company a message to let them know, and they sent me a free sample box!  I love companies that go above and beyond to make clients happy.  

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