Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Love New Flavors

Okay, I'm a yogurt addict.  I love it.  I eat it ATLEAST once a day (unless I'm prepping then I eat it as my cheat meal).  Every time I come across a new flavor of Greek yogurt I pick it up.  When searching for new yogurt flavors, I've come to realize that Walmart is the greatest place.  My Walmart always has the newest ones.  Hell, they have a whole wall dedicated to yogurt.  Not just a section, a WALL.  Every kind of yogurt you can think of.  Full fat, fat free, Greek, regular, lactose free, ones that are aimed toward many options!

First up, Yoplait's Greek 100 Whips.  These are actually in a whole new product line.  Remember the whipped regular yogurt that came out years ago?  Well, this is the Greek version of it.  I like to think of it as healthy mousse.  There are 8 flavors in this line.  I picked up the strawberry cheesecake, and vanilla cupcake.  {2 of the things I miss the most, cheesecake and cupcakes}  The nutrition facts aren't bad.

Fat - 0 grams
Carbs - 9 grams
Sugar - 7 grams
Protein - 12 grams

It is super creamy and really does have a mousse-y texture.  If they made a chocolate one you could fool anyone with it.

This flavor was really spot on.  It actually tasted alot like strawberry cheesecake!  My favorite.  Sweet from the strawberry flavor, and a bit tart like cream cheese.

The vanilla cupcake was disappointing.  It didn't taste like a cupcake and it really didn't even taste like vanilla.  This was my least favorite.

Now on to the Dannon Light & Fit.  Dannon actually makes my favorite flavor of yogurt.  The toasted coconut.  The nutrition facts are alot similar to the Yoplait.  Sugar and carbs and calories are a bit higher and protein is lower but, not by much.

Calories - 100
Fat - 0 g
Carbs - 15 g
Sugar - 12 g
Protein - 9 g

I debating on trying to salted caramel because I actually hate caramel.  But, I've learned that not many flavors of yogurt actually taste like the thing they are trying to taste like so, I bought it.  

This flavor was better than I expected it to be.  Not too caramel-ly.  Not too salty.  If really, REALLY love caramel, it will disappoint.  But, I personally though it was delicious.  I'd definitely buy it again.

So, in order from most to least loved:  Yoplait Strawberry Cheesecake, Dannon salted caramel, Yoplait vanilla cupcake.

For more information on Dannon
Main Dannon Website
Oikos Website
Light & Fit Website

For more information on Yoplait
Main Yoplait Website

Tell me, is there a food you always pick up the newest flavor of?  

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tax Time Toys

Last month I got my tax return back.  Every year I treat myself to something.  Normally it's a new gym outfit and a piece of equipment for the house.  This year I decided I wanted a pair of wireless headphones.  I bought some for Ken a while ago and I wanted to get my own instead of having to borrow his all the time.

Have you looked at the price of most wireless headphones?  $70 and up.  Wanna know a little secret about me?  I'm cheap.  Yep,  I refuse to pay $70+ for a pair of headphones.

The ones I bought Ken I found on a discount website.  They are really nice but, they took almost a month to arrive.  Unlike him, I'm not a patient person when it comes to new toys.  I want my stuff as soon as I pay for it.  I only mail order things if I have to.  I will drive an hour to buy something just so I can have it that same day.

Picture from:

These are the wireless headphones I found at Walmart. They are made by Straight Talk Wireless.  They cost me under $30!  Yep,  The ones I have linked are only $15.24 but, the ones I bought in the store I think I paid like $25 for.  I'm not certain if the website is wrong or, if there's a slight difference but, no matter which price you pay, it's a steal.  

They are really nice.  They come with 3 different ear buds, regular, short and long (I successfully lost 2 sets within a few days of buying them.)  The sound quality is great and they are easy to use.  They come with 3 different ear buds, regular, short and long (I successfully lost 2 sets within a few days of buying them.)  These headphones are not just headphones, they are also a bluetooth microphone for your phone.  {Try saying that 5 times fast!}  I haven't used the microphone yet.  I don't get many calls.  But, I will update you when I do.

I definately give these 2 thumbs up.  So, if you want a cheap toy after you get your return back {or at any time} head to Walmart or and pick these up!

Have you bought yourself any toys this, or any other, tax season?  Tell me about it!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lovely Leftovers

The other day I looked in my fridge and realized that I had a bajillion leftovers.  I had reheated them all a couple times and I assumed that the kids were getting tired of having the same things for dinner.

Kaylee is a huge soup fan.  Like seriously, she could eat a different soup (or stew, or chili) every nite.  She never gets tired of soup.  So, when I saw I these leftovers I realized that they would be great in a soup.

You can honestly use whatever leftovers you have.  As long as you have at least 1 complex carb, 1 veggie and a protein.  Here's a quick list of possibilities:

Complex Carb
Rice (white, brown or wild)
Potatoes (white, purple, sweet)

Green Beans

Ground meat (beef, turkey, chicken, buffalo)

My soup was made for the kids so, it was rice, chicken (I took the skin off fried chicken and used the meat), mixed vegetables and carrots.  If I was making it for myself I probably would have used the shrimp from  THIS recipe or THIS recipe.

The Recipe Redux theme this month is " Two for One", cooking once and eating twice.  So, my Chicken Rice Soup is the perfect fit for today.

Serves 4-6 

12 cups stock (I used vegetable but you can use any kind)
1 onion, diced (omit if using it in your veggies)
3 cups leftover carbs
3 cups leftover protein
3 cups leftover vegetables

  1. Saute onion.
  2. Add stock and bring to a boil.
  3. Put in all your leftovers
  4. Bring back to a boil and simmer for 15-20 minutes until everything is hot.

So freakin' simple!!!  Just boil and dump.  It's quick, too!  From start to finish this recipe takes under 45 minutes.  It's great for a nite when you need a meal that is quick and hearty.  It's also good after a holiday.  

Easter:  Ham, peas, and rice
Thanksgiving: Turkey, sweet potatoes, and green beans
Christmas: Ham, potatoes, and corn

How does you family feel about soup?  Love it?  Hate it?  How do you use leftovers in a unique way?  Let me know!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Free Pancakes

You read correctly.  Free pancakes!  Pancakes free of gluten, fat and animal products.  I have to let you know, these still contain flavor.  They are loaded with flavor!

I've been trying to stay away from wheat flour.  I don't consider myself gluten free because it's only wheat that I have cut out of my diet.  I personally don't like the way I feel after eating flour.  But, I do occasionally still indulge in a wheat flour pizza or a slice of bread.

My cheat meals are normally loaded with carbs.  The main three dinners on my cheat day (Tuesday) are pizza, pancakes, and sandwiches.  I decided I wanted pancakes and I wanted to try something new.  I knew right away that I wanted to try gluten free pancakes.

I love trying new culinary things.  Whether it's a food, or a recipe, or a new food in a new recipe.  It's one of the things that excites me these days.  The girls and I went to the Asian grocery in town the other day because we needed seaweed for sushi nite (Sunny's favorite dinner.)  Whenever we goto the Asian store I always look at the fruits and vegetables.  They always have the best prices.  The cheapest vegetables can always be found at the famers market and the asian grocery stores.  I picked up a purple sweet potato.  I had never seen one before.  I've had white sweet potatoes, various shades of orange but, never purple.  When I cooked it I was shocked at how deep the purple was.  Take a look for yourself.

 Isn't that gorgeous??!!??  I knew that this sweet potato needed to be the purple in my rainbow pancakes.  {Just so you know, all the other colors were made with food coloring.  Next time I plan on using various fruits and vegetables to make my rainbow}.  I mostly followed the package directions.  I had to alter it a bit to compensate for the sweet potato.

In addition to making these pancakes gluten free, I wanted to make them vegan.  I made an egg replacer using chia seeds.  1 T of chia seeds and 3 T of liquid equals 1 egg.  

These are my finished pancakes.  Clockwise from the left:  Rainbow, blue, purple (the sweet potato ones), red, green, and yellow.

Fat Free Gluten Free Vegan Pancakes
1.5 cups Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake mix
.25 cup sugar
.5 cup purple sweet potato puree* (orange or white would be fine too)
1 T chia seeds
1.25 cup non-dairy milk


  1. In a medium bowl mix together pancake mix and sugar.
  2. In a separate bowl stir together milk, chia seeds and sweet potato puree and let sit for 10-15 minutes
  3. Mix pototo mixture into dry mix
  4. Cook according to package directions (I use an electric griddle and set it to 375-400, use a quarter cup to measure the batter and cook pancakes for 3-4 minutes on each side)

**To make sweet potato puree-- wrap potato in tin foil and bake in a 400 degree oven for 45-90 minutes until soft.  Cut open potato and scoop out the flesh.**

What fruits/veggies would you use to color your rainbow pancakes?  Let me know!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Middle in the Middle

Today's post has nothing to do about fitness or food.

 This is Samantha, Mantha Mo.  She's an awesome kid.  She's my middle daughter.  She loves gymnastics, dance and anything outside.  She hates being inside.  She wants to be a vet when she grows up and work at a zoo.  She also wants to be a Rockette.  

I've known for a few years that she wasn't your average kid.  In second grade I had her tested for the Gifted Program.  In Florida, the Gifted Program is IQ based.  My oldest, Kaylee was tested when she was in second grade and accepted.  

When Mo was tested she scored in the middle of gifted and average.  This year, (2 years later) I had her tested again.  She scored a bit higher but still, in the middle.  Florida has a program called ACCEL (Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning.)  My daughter's school has no idea what it is or how to implement it.  

I'm tired of my middle child being stuck in the middle.  You want to know what the worst part of this whole thing is?  Knowing that if she was put in the Gifted class, she'd do fine.  She'd actually do really well.  A bored Mo isn't a good Mo.  A bored Mo doesn't try.  And my Mo is bored in school.  She gets good grades but, it's just because it's easy.  

Why am I telling you this?  Because of the fact that A) it pisses me off and B) I have decided that for the next 2 years I'm homeschooling my daughter.  For 5th and 6th grade (her last 2 years of elementary school) I'm keeping her home.  The homeschool curriculum (in my opinion) is the only option.  They offer accelerated learning, she can work at her own pace, and it can challenge her.  

You're probably wondering how she feels about this.  She actually WANTS to be homeschooled.  She wants to be challenged.  She wants to learn more, do harder work, work at her level.  Both times she got tested for Gifted she had her fingers and toes crossed that she made it in.  In class she finishes her work first and then helps the other kids.  This is the only solution.  

Occasionally she feels left out, unloved, all of the stereotypical "middle child" feelings.  She doesn't just feel that way at home, she feels that way at school.  She feels like there's nowhere for her, and she's getting passed by and forgotten.  

Why am I telling you this?  I really don't have a big reason.  I want to know that I'm not alone, I want to see if anybody else has had this issue and how they've dealt with it, I just need to get it off my chest.  

Side note:  Middle children are awesome.  Read this article on 18 PERKS to being a middle child