Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Love New Flavors

Okay, I'm a yogurt addict.  I love it.  I eat it ATLEAST once a day (unless I'm prepping then I eat it as my cheat meal).  Every time I come across a new flavor of Greek yogurt I pick it up.  When searching for new yogurt flavors, I've come to realize that Walmart is the greatest place.  My Walmart always has the newest ones.  Hell, they have a whole wall dedicated to yogurt.  Not just a section, a WALL.  Every kind of yogurt you can think of.  Full fat, fat free, Greek, regular, lactose free, ones that are aimed toward many options!

First up, Yoplait's Greek 100 Whips.  These are actually in a whole new product line.  Remember the whipped regular yogurt that came out years ago?  Well, this is the Greek version of it.  I like to think of it as healthy mousse.  There are 8 flavors in this line.  I picked up the strawberry cheesecake, and vanilla cupcake.  {2 of the things I miss the most, cheesecake and cupcakes}  The nutrition facts aren't bad.

Fat - 0 grams
Carbs - 9 grams
Sugar - 7 grams
Protein - 12 grams

It is super creamy and really does have a mousse-y texture.  If they made a chocolate one you could fool anyone with it.

This flavor was really spot on.  It actually tasted alot like strawberry cheesecake!  My favorite.  Sweet from the strawberry flavor, and a bit tart like cream cheese.

The vanilla cupcake was disappointing.  It didn't taste like a cupcake and it really didn't even taste like vanilla.  This was my least favorite.

Now on to the Dannon Light & Fit.  Dannon actually makes my favorite flavor of yogurt.  The toasted coconut.  The nutrition facts are alot similar to the Yoplait.  Sugar and carbs and calories are a bit higher and protein is lower but, not by much.

Calories - 100
Fat - 0 g
Carbs - 15 g
Sugar - 12 g
Protein - 9 g

I debating on trying to salted caramel because I actually hate caramel.  But, I've learned that not many flavors of yogurt actually taste like the thing they are trying to taste like so, I bought it.  

This flavor was better than I expected it to be.  Not too caramel-ly.  Not too salty.  If really, REALLY love caramel, it will disappoint.  But, I personally though it was delicious.  I'd definitely buy it again.

So, in order from most to least loved:  Yoplait Strawberry Cheesecake, Dannon salted caramel, Yoplait vanilla cupcake.

For more information on Dannon
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For more information on Yoplait
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Tell me, is there a food you always pick up the newest flavor of?  

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