Friday, May 1, 2015

Well, Hello There!

Hey guys!  Remember me?  The blog writer?  The Fit Beach Babe?  The girl who disappears for what seems like a week but ends up being a month and a day?  I'm sorry.  I truly am.  Hopefully the past month has been good to you.

April was crazy for me.  I started working with a few new clients, a local cheer and tumbling gym offered to let me run group classes out of their location so, I've been busy marketing and working on that.  For anyone who's interested, classes will start in May.  Tentatively, they will be Wednesdays at 9 AM in Daytona Beach.  If you're interested please contact me!

Easter was also great.  The girls had a good day.  Unfortunately we missed the community Easter egg hunt due to Mantha having a ballet rehearsal but, I hid eggs on Easter morning.  {Well, Ken hid them, I just filled them} We actually had Easter lunch so Ken could eat with us before he went to work.

The most exciting, {and kind of sad} thing about the month was that my baby girl turned 6. It's crazy.  6 years ago she was tiny and helpless.  Now she's an amazing, wonderful, little lady.  She's got goals and dreams and she knows what she wants in life.  {Those goals and dreams are to be a professional chef and dancer}  She has both her restaurant names picked out.  Her sushi restaurant is going to be name Su-shay.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, Sunny's favorite food is sushi.  She could it it 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.

So, where do you take your sushi-obsessed 6 year old for her birthday dinner?    A sushi restaurant, of course!  We took her to Sakura, the local Japanese hibachi and sushi restaurant.  This place was really nice.

They have one run dedicated to hibachi.  {That's a separate post though.  We're planing on going back for hibachi for Kaylee's birthday}  You can see the hibachi room in the top left picture.  If you sit at the bar you can watch the sushi chef making all the sushi.  That's in the bottom right picture.

We ended up getting 11 orders of sushi.  This picture is just a portion of them.  We stuck with the simple ones.  California rolls, spicy tuna, avocado, asparagus.  They were all delicious.  Prices weren't bad either.  For under $90 we were all stuffed.
For more info on Sakura check out their website:  Sakura Palm Coast

And of course we had to take some time for selfies.  I have 3 girls and they are obsessed with selfies.  I find new ones on my phone every time I get it back from them.  I don't totally get selfies.  I mean, I do but, I don't.  I take selfies only because I'm always the one BEHIND the camera.  According to my Picasa there are like 175 photos of me compared the the 400+ of the girls and Ken.  And 90% of those are selfies.  If I want a picture of me and the girls, I take a selfie {is there a term for a group selfie??}  If I want a photo of me in general, I take a selfie.  99% of them never get posted though.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Look at this cute necklace I bought Sunny for her birthday.

She for some reason is in love with carrot cake.  I don't even know that she has ever tasted carrot cake but, every time we go to Publix she always asks me for a carrot cake.  I honestly think it's the carrot on top that she likes.  When I found this necklace in the Scrumptious Doodle Etsy shop I knew that it would be perfect for Sunny.  Scrumptious Doodle is awesome.  She has the cutest stuff.  I got Mo taco earrings for her birthday, and Kaylee is getting apple pie earrings for hers.  I'll post a picture of Kaylee's when I get them.  But, below is a picture of Mo's taco earrings.

Scrumptious Doodle is run by a lady named Mareesa.  She makes food themed polymer clay jewelry.   She makes everything from s'mores to cupcakes, tacos to cheeseburgers, and everything in between.  The turn around times and prices for her creations isn't bad.  My first two orders took less than 3 weeks and cost under $20.  I will be a very regular customer of Scrumptious Doodle.  I plan on ordering many more pieces.  My kids are food and jewelry fanatics     If you are looking for food related jewelry, magnets, or charms, click HERE to check out her shop.

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