Friday, September 19, 2014

Progress 9-19

I'm back!  I know it's been awhile but, there's been some really stressful stuff going on.  It's been crazy around here!

Same ole' Same ole'!  My stomach hasn't really been cooperating so I've been living on protein shakes and egg whites.  My stomach doesn't want anything to do with meat right now.  So, I've stayed away from it.

I really don't feel like I pushed myself as hard as I should/could have.  My body was seriously taking a hit from all the stress.  My muscles ached, I could barely move, I was a mess!

Next week is new plan week {I think} and I'm super excited to see what is in store for me!

Here's the comparisons of August 8th through Sept 12th.

Here are my pictures from today:

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