Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

The Rachel Ray Show
Every day at the gym I try and finish my strength training by 9 AM.  I make sure to get the cardio machine I need closest to the TV that has channel 6 {CBS in my area} on it.  The Rachel Ray Show honestly helps me finish my cardio.  The other day I stayed on for an extra 15 minutes because I was watching the show and didn't want to miss anything.  

Puffed Rice
I seriously miss cereal.  Seriously, I miss the simplicity of it.  I miss the ease of it.  I miss the NORMALCY of it.  The other day while I was searching around the internet I realized that puffed rice cereal {NOT crispy rice cereal}  is just rice.  And I'm allowed rice.  So I'm allowed puffed rice.  It makes me happy. 


Thanks to the app Timehop I was shown 2 photos of me exactly 5 years ago today.  I look at them and can't believe I looked like that.

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