Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Plans

Today is the day when alot of people make their New Year's Resolution(s).  How many times have you heard yourself saying "This year I'm going to....."
  • Lose weight?
  • Exercise more?
  • Eat healthier?
  • Quit smoking?
These are actually some of the most common resolutions according to 5 News KSFM/KXNW and (click the link to see their full lists.)

A few years ago I made a resolution to stop making resolutions.  I think that honestly, resolutions are meant to fail.  45% of Americans usually make resolutions.  Only 8% actaully achieve their resolution.  This is according to and the University of Scranton. Journal of Clinical Psychology.  So many people fail at keeping their resolutions that they have named a day "Fail Friday", which is the day that most people give up.  

Instead of resolutions I set goals.  Here's my list of goals for 2015.

  1.  Compete - Due to issues beyond my control, my hopes of competing in 2014 didn't happen.  But, this year I have a few competitions planned, the first one being in May.  
  2. Do more yoga -- I miss yoga.  It seriously helps my mind and muscles.  
  3. Get another certification -- I'm thinking either Holistic Nutrition, yoga, or a specialized training certification.
  4. Go on more adventures -- Random day trips to the beach, or museums.  Maybe a weekend trip somewhere.
  5. Give more memories instead of gifts -- This is alot like goal #5 but, it's more for special occasions and are planned.
  6. Try new things -- Aerial yoga?  Pole fitness?  Scuba diving?  These are all on my list of things to try.  
  7. Spend more time outside --   I feel like I'm not as in touch with nature as I used to be.  I don't spend enough time in the sunshine, enjoying the outdoors and I want to change that this year.

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