Sunday, January 11, 2015

Starting Over(ish)

Today I seriously start my prep again.  I have 18 weeks to get ready.  I've got to crack down and get my ass in gear.  About a third of my prep will be done by myself.  Which means I really have to push myself.  

15 is one of my lucky numbers so, 2015 WILL be my year!  Remember #ConquerEverything  !!

(Don't mind the #200KTransform sign.  I'm also entering to win a transformation contest)

Here are my starting measurements

Body Fat:  20%  

Weight:    137.8
Waist:     28.75
Hips:      36.25
Thigh:     21
Chest:     32.5
Shoulders: 40.50
Biceps:    10.75

Not going to lie.  I was kind of surprised by the numbers. But, that's what I get for slacking (and deciding to make Korean food for dinner.)

I'll keep y'all updated!

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