Friday, June 5, 2015

National Donut Day 2015

Happy National Donut Day!  I used to love donuts.  They are great.  Ooooey, goooey pillowy yumminess. Man I miss donuts!  Before I lost my ability to eat donuts I was given a Sunbeam mini donut maker.  

This thing is great!  It makes 5 donuts in about 6 minutes.  Mine has been well loved.  Did you know you aren't just limited to donuts in this?  There are a ton of other things you can make in one of these.  I have made pancake donuts, muffin donuts, and cake mix donuts.  Anything that has a batter can be made into donuts.  Brownies?  Yep.  Quick bread?  Weird but yes.  This is great because you can make fat free versions of your favorite donuts.  I've made chocolate, red velvet, yellow, peanut butter, lemon and a ton of other flavors.  I surprise my girls with donuts often.  

You know what else is fat free?  Clothes!  Alot of companies are coming out with some really cute donut clothes.  

Till You Collapse Donut Leggings -- $30

Till You Collapse

KimFitFab Donuts and Deadlifts Gym Tank -- $23

KnickerRocker Donut Panties -- $40

KnickerRocker Etsy

Lastly, here's 2 huge collections of donut clothes.  Everything from shirts to socks.  

Wanelo List of Donut Clothes

Etsy Donut Clothes Search

And one last thing.  Today at Dunkin Donuts they are giving away free donuts with the purchase of any beverage.  They are also unveiling two new donut variations including Chips Ahoy!® Crème, a shell donut filled with cookie dough flavored butter crème, frosted with chocolate icing, dipped in crumbled Chips Ahoy cookies and the Chips Ahoy!® Crunch, a ring donut frosted with chocolate icing, dipped in crumbled Chips Ahoy cookies.
These will go perfectly with your Oreo or Chips Ahoy!  coffee.  

Want to win a $100 Dunkin Donuts gift card?  Tweet a “selfie” with your favorite donut using the hashtag #DDonutSelfie for a chance to win!!

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