Friday, June 19, 2015

Quick Meal Conundrum

The girls' last day of school was June 4th.  They have been on summer break for 2 weeks.  I use the term break loosely.

My summers aren't what some people would consider busy.  The girls dance 2 days a week (but that will probably change soon due to competition team practices starting next month), and I have my clients.  Even when we don't have to be anywhere, I normally prefer not to be in the house.  The girls and I spend atleast 2 hours a day at the pool and/or beach.  The only days that we don't go are the on the days they dance.

I prefer to make quick meals in the summer, all the time.  Between clients, my own gym time, and errands, I never get home much before the girls during the school year.  When I can, I like for them to eat before going to their activities so we don't have to rush to eat before bed.  And in the summer after I get home from dealing with clients we always head to the beach or the pool.  I never want to come home and stand in the kitchen for very long.   And honestly I think my kids prefer the quick meals.  

No matter what your reason, I think it's always a good idea to have 5-10 good dinners that only take 10-20 minutes in your arsenal of recipes.  

My old stand-bys are sandwiches, soup, cereal, and eggs.  But, you can only have those so many times before you get bored of them.  I've put together a group of websites that have a TON of meatless, vegetarian quick dinners.

Martha Stewart -- Almost 100 meatless quick meals. Pastas, soups, sandwiches, and a ton of other recipes

Cooking Light -- These all look delish!  Mexican, Asian, and many countries in between.  I'm definatley trying the vegetable maki.

Buzzfeed -- Vegan recipes in under 30 minutes.  The cheese steak is my favorite.

Greatist -- Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes in under 12 minutes.

Martha Stewart -- Vegetarian and vegan recipes that are quick

Amuse Your Bouche -- 50 recipes in under 20 minutes.  A great mix of vegetarian and vegan recipes.  The bell pepper pizza is going on my list of recipes to try.

Do you have any tried and true quick meals? Do you and/or your kids prefer quick meals or ones that take a bit longer?

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