Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Joosh Reivew

I know I haven't posted much recently.  This summer was really full  The past few months, life has been really busy.  You name it, it's probably on our schedule.  Dance classes, appointments, clients, day trips and a bunch of other things.

Even with all that stuff going on Sunny and I read atleast 1 book a week together.  I know that's not alot but, we don't have much time to sit.  Over the summer I was given a copy of the book Joosh's Juice Bar:  The Blue Banana Berry Adventure

This book is so cute!  Here's the description:

"When Joosh’s Juice Bar runs out of strawberries, the youngsters are asked to go on a “strawberry run”. Mo and Coco, along with rainforest friends Randy (a mischievous monkey) and Kwamee (a wise green lizard), travel through the Tropland Rainforest and stumble upon a unique glowing berry in Don Ribbit’s forbidden Swampland. Mo and Randy pick the berries, eat them and bring them back to Joosh’s Juice Bar. What seemed like a great idea at first turns sour as Joosh and his wife Holly return home to the juice bar and find the boys making a new juice with the berries! To their surprise, Randy and Mo, along with the animals that also drank their new blue juice, are glowing blue from head to toe! The Joosh Man takes Coco and the boys to seek aid from Doctor Boo Boo (a toucan bird).Will they find a way to wash the blue glow away? Will they get back home safely before the impending rain storm? "  --Amazon

It's written in rhyme and the pictures are amazing.  Sunny reads it over and over.  It teaches kids the importance of healthy eating and picking the proper foods.  

This book is great for kids who love to eat healthy or, if you're trying to convince your kids to eat healthy.  I'm not going to lie, I read it by myself a few times.  So, seriously, hop on over to their website and order the book.  He has also written a new book.  

Joosh's Juice Bar: The Tropland Tee-Off.  This one is about a disc golf tournament.

Joosh's Juice Bar Facebook

Tell me below, do your kids have a favorite healthy eating book?  

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