Thursday, July 20, 2017

What's Good For The Goose

Fact #1
I live in a small beach town.  There is nothing to do within 45 minutes of here unless you want to go to the beach.

Fact #2
I go to the gym 6 days a week and my trainer has atleast 30 minutes for cardio scheduled into all my workouts.  I'm at the gym atleast 90 minutes a day.

Fact #3
I enjoy food.  A LOT.  I like carbs.  I like eating.  I like cooking.  I enjoy every aspect of food.

Fact #4
My weight loss has stalled (after I gained a lot of weight for unknown reasons) for a while.  I have been tring different things to get myself back on track.

Last week I realized that I spend 75% of my day sitting.  As I am writing this, and then again as I am typing this, I am sitting.

Did you know that sitting too much can actually reverse the good things that you are doing when you workout?

Did you know that sitting can make your ass spread?  Instead of being perky, you'll have a flat ass.

I have taken a few steps to keep me from sitting so much.  I make sure to stand up for atleast 5 finutes every hour.

I have also been adding in an extra hour of exercise whenever possible throughout the week.  I go to yoga some nites and other nites I take the girls to Hangar15 to jump for an hour with me.

Now I know alot of people might not have the extra hour to spend at the gym, or in a class.  

Any extra activity is good if you sit all day.   It doesn't have to be actual exercise.  It can just be movement.  Go for a walk (even window shopping at the mall is good), a nice bike ride around the neighborhood, or even simple things like, parking farther from your office/the grocery store/your apartment.  Something that gets you that bit more time up and about.

What do you do to get yourself up and moving throughout the day?

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