Monday, October 6, 2014


As much as I like to believe I am She-Hulk, I'm not.  {Shocker, right??!!??}  But, I'm starting to feel more like She-Hulk every week. Today I set 2 new PRs {Personal Records}.  

100 lbs on the seated cable row and 60 lbs on deadlifts.  

My back is the body part I'm proudest of.  It is shaping up the best.  So well in fact, I'm not training it as hard anymore in order to let the other parts of my body catch up.  I still love Back Day.  

Maybe in order to congratulate myself I'll buy myself a pumpkin mocha from Dunkin Donuts.  I love autumn.  It's pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING season!!

Have you set any new PRs this week?  Pumpkin Spice -- Love it or Leave it?  Let me know below!!

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