Friday, October 3, 2014

First Progress Picture of October

It's October!  Can you believe it?  Only a bit over 13 weeks left in 2014.  90 days to be exact.  I love the fall and all the things {especially food} associated with it.  There's one thing I can't stand tho.  Those cinnamon brooms that you always find.  Ugh!  They seriously give me a headache.  And it's weird because I love the taste of cinnamon.  It's one of my most frequently used spices.  Those brooms kill me though.  That's one of those smells that I seriously associate with fall and Thanksgiving.

I finally got my macros figured out Sunday and worked out my meal plan.  As soon as I had my meal plan in place I was really good.  Totally on point.  But I can't lie.  I've been dipping into the mini-wheats today.  

I've been killing....KILLING them!  My body has been alot happier since all the rain has gone away. No more achy muscles.  I'm still dealing with some headaches but, they aren't bad enough to keep me out of the gym.  


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