Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Most Hated Exercise

After my trip to the beach today and all the thoughts running through my mind I could TOTALLY write this post about all the things I love about my life.  I honestly am a really lucky person.  But no, instead I'm turning this post a whole 180 today and calling it.....

Yes, you read correctly.  Things I Love To Hate Thursday.  And guess what?  This weeks stuff is actually fitness related!  Let's begin.

Split Squats
UGH!  These are my most dreaded leg day move.  They have me in tears.  I have to force myself to keep going after only my second set.  But, they do have benefits.  A split squat, or a Bulgarian split squat, is done by standing in a lunge position and resting your back leg on a bench.  You then lower and raise yourself using your front leg only.  

Photo Courtesy of: Greg Corso
This move has some benefits.  {That's the only reason I push through this exercise}  It's a unilateral move meaning, it supports only one side and trains each side independently.  That way your weaker leg cannot slack off as with regular non-unilateral moves.    But honestly, this move is great for toning and strengthening your glutes, quads and hamstrings.  Give it a try and tell me if you love it or love to hate it!
Here are a few resources for more information about split squats Split Squat How-To

Amanda Latona Talks about the Bulgarian Split Squat

Wind Sprints
I am not a runner.  I hate to run, I don't run.  Period.  But, when coach tells you to do wind sprints, you do wind sprints.  UGH!  In order to do them I wear a knee brace on each knee and an ankle brace.  It's crazy.  But, it's what has to be done.  Wind sprints are evil though.   I do them on the treadmill.  So, basically a wind sprint is kinda how it sounds, it gets you winded.  If you are using the treadmill to do them you sprint for 30-45 seconds then jump your feet onto the side rails for 30-45 seconds to catch your breath.  
Wind sprints will help you burn major calories.  You'll continue to burn calories for hours after you're done with your workout!  If you've ever done a HIIT {High Intensity Interval Training} workout then this is along the same lines.  

Sagging Bikini Bottoms and Beach Flies
I know this one isn't fitness related but, they both annoy the crap outta me!  I have worn out my bikini bottoms.  They have no more elastic.  And why are there flies at the beach???  Shouldn't they be over a trash can?  

I do have one thing I actually love this week.  It's my new shoes!  They are Nike In Season Tr3's.  Super comfy!  I have been needing new shoes and I finally caved and bought some.  I found these at Hibbett's on sale for $45.  The original price was $75.  I couldn't resist!  {It also helped that I had Ken pushing me to buy them.} 

 What are some things you love to hate?? 

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