Friday, July 4, 2014

Progress and Stuff

Hey y'all!  Happy Fourth of July!  And happy anniversary to my amazing husband.  Today marks our 5 year anniversary.  Honestly though, it seems like we've been married 55.  We got married in Cocoa Beach, on the beach, at the Hilton.  We had just my parents, my sister, her boyfriend and Ken's best friend, his wife and daughter.  Oh and of course our girls were there.

 Yes, that was me.  I'm probably 175 pounds in that photo.  Here's a 5 year shot of me.

It's unrealistic.  Here's a nice side-by-side of me and Ken.

I love that man more today than I did 5 years ago.  Okay, I know y'all didn't come here for a sappy love story.  Y'all came to see some change.  Well, here's the progress photos I sent.

And I've decided I'll show you my 3 week progress.  Can you see any change?  I can't really except in my back.

I mentioned last week that I'd been feeling puffy.  Well, I figured out the source of my puffiness.  It's MiO.  I'm obsessed addicted to it.  I use it alot.  I stopped drinking it for a day and noticed I was a bit flatter in the stomach.  Am I going to stop drinking it for good right now?  No but, it's nice to know that I can thin out a bit if I stop.  And it's nice to know that I'm not really doing anything wrong.

Except for Thursday I pushed myself really hard this week.  Thursday's workout was done at home and I kept getting interrupted.  {If you're a parent you know how often kids decide that they need something when YOU are actually doing something}  I even made it to the gym this morning.  {Today was my second leg day of the week.  And leg days are my favorite so I couldn't miss it}  I've been having some issues in the gym though.  It's mentally taxing to have to be the only one who pushes you 6 days a week.  There's noone there to push me.  It's like there's two people battling in my brain.  One wants me to give up and quit my workout because it's hurting.  The other is there motivating me to keep going. {Does that make me sound crazy?}  I can tell I'm physically getting stronger even if my mental state is getting weaker.  

As you've seen I've been linking up with Jen from every Friday for the past few weeks.  July's link up topic is Fitness Fav on Friday.  This week's topic is Favorite Fitness Gear.  I'd probably say that my favorite gear is my heart rate monitor.  I adore it!  It tracks my heart rate and my calories. Best of all, it's PINK!  It's a Polar FT4 that my parents bought me for Christmas.  I can't imagine a workout without it.  

What's your favorite fitness gear?

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  1. Your before and after pictures are amazing. Many congratulations on your fit body. And for sticking to your diet. Visiting from NaBlo ...

  2. I love your story! I think it's awesome that you are working so hard toward your goal. Your before and after pictures are crazy! Has your husband lost weight too?