Friday, June 13, 2014

Fitness 5 on Friday #2

Progress Picture:

 Progress pictures weren't very good.  Kinda made me look like I've been going backwards.  Crazy to think that as of tomorrow I have 16 weeks left until my first show.  But, this week had been kinda rough.  

I pushed through every workout.  I didn't feel like my workouts were as good as they normally are.  I can't believe I have been with my coach for a whole month almost.  
I've had to change around my workout schedule, and I just haven't felt like I've been doing my 100% best.  The highlight of last week was when my coach told me that she could "see muscles popping."

My food was really on point.  I measured and weighed everything.  And I didn't use too many condiments.

1. What is your least favorite exercise and why? 
This is going to sound corny but, my least favorite exercise is the one I don't do.  Actually no, I hate to run.  I detest it and I refuse to do it.  
2. What is your resting heart beats per minute? (to calculate count your pulse for 15 seconds and multiply by 4)
According to my HRM my resting heart rate is 70-75 depending
3. Do you prefer to exercise alone or with company?
Alone.  100%.  I don't like distractions.  My whole mindset when it comes to the gym is "get in, get out."  I don't rush my workouts but, I don't want to sit around, chit-chat and socialize.  I can do that after my workout.
4. What is your go to exercise outfit?

My capris, and either my surfing storm trooper shirt or my batman shirt.  I have really fallen in love with the men's tank tops from Walmart.  They are flowy, the arm holes aren't cut too low (like on many men's tanks), they have funny pictures and they're under $7
5. Think about this time last year. Are you more or less active than you were a year ago?
Definately more.  Life has gotten crazier both in and out of the gym.  We have made it to the beach or the pool almost every day since summer break began and I've been in the gym or studio most days.  
What's your least favorite exercise and why?

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  1. Did my last comment go through? I love those tanks! I will have to check them out. Keep rocking girl. Thanks for linking up!

    1. They have a bunch of different styles and colors.

  2. :O!!! I love the batman tank top! I feel like I'm gonna have to hit up Walmart sometime to scour for one. :P

    1. You totally should. They are so super comfy.