Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Everyday I find new stuff fitness and nutrition related that I'm in love with.  So I figure that once a week I'll give y'all a nice post on 3 of the things I have fallen in love with this week.  I'm going to call it....

Things I Love Thursday.  

When you are prepping for your first show they say that hiring a coach is a must.  So far I am not regretting any penny that I've spent on mine.  She's great.  Every week she checks in with me to make sure I'm doing okay.  She answers all my questions and always has something positive to say about my progress.

So if you're looking for a prep coach check out Kelly Lynn Fit

Jif Whips
Love peanut butter but hate the high calories, and fat?  Or do you just need a special little treat?  If that's the case then I highly recommend Jif Whips.  It comes in 3 flavors.  Plain, chocolate and s'mores.  The plain has less calories, fat, and carbs than regular peanut butter.  It's lighter and fluffier.  The chocolate and s'mores have a higher sugar and carb count but, they aren't horrible.  It would actually make a really good frosting for cupcakes.  They texture is about the same to store bought frosting but it is healthier (and has less processed crap)

Muscle Seasame Street

AREN'T THEY AWESOME????  I was so excited when I found these at Walmart.  I was at the store buying the last of Ken's Father's Day gifts and couldn't help but pick the cookie monster one up for myself.  I will be going back for the other 3 tho.  If you want one you should hurry over there and pick them up.  The sticker on the shirts says "limited time."

Well, that's the things I love this week.  Have you found any cool things this week?  Tell me about them!

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