Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Am More...

When I first started this blog a month and a half ago I was dead set on making it about me and my competition journey.  I had my other blog, The Fat Free Queen, where I could talk about my personal life.  Soon I realized that I no longer connected with the Fat Free Queen.  I have become the Fit Beach Babe.  This is truly who I am.  And the Fit Beach Babe is more than an up and coming bikini competitor.  I'm a wife, a business owner, a teacher, and most importantly, a mom.    

So, with that being said.  Let's talk about my weekend.  My oldest, Kaylee, is 11 and a competitive swimmer.  She honestly wants to be the next Michael Phelps.  Both Saturday and Sunday were spent at a 2 day swim meet.  

Saturday got rained out after her first race.  Sunday was a bit better.  She got 3 out of her 5 races in before the thunder forced us out of the pool.  She won first in the 100 meter backstroke, 2nd in the 50 meter freestyle {she actually swam this race without goggles because they fell off when she dove in}, and 4th in the 50 meter butterfly.  I'm so proud of her.  

I'm so lucky that my kids like to be active.  Kaylee is a swimmer, Mo cheers, and Sunny has switched from dance to gymnastics.  It's not often that I have to force my kids to exercise.  They support me and push me, just like I support them and push them.  

Do you wish your kids got more exercise but can't sign them up for a sport or healthy after school activity?  Here's a tip:  UNPLUG THE ELECTRONICS!  When my kids have been stuck in front of the tv one too many hours I kick them out of the house and tell them they have to play for atleast 60 minutes.  

You can also:

  • Take them to the park or playground
  • Go swimming
  • Run up and down the stairs for 10-15 minutes
  • Have them do a 30 minute circuit at home in the living room.  (push-ups, sit-ups, planks, jumping jacks)

Here's something simple to remember when it comes to kids

It's just that simple.  Do your kids do a sport?  How do your kids stay active??

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