Thursday, June 26, 2014

Things I Love Thursday #2

Is it really Thursday, already?  This week has flown by!  You know what Thursday is right?  It's the day I post Things I Love!  

I couldn't find many noteworthy Things I Love this week.  But, I did find a few.  I'm seriously a fat girl at heart because 90% of the things I think about that I love are food type items.  I try and find things that aren't food related also though.

McCormick Smokehouse Pepper
This stuff is awesome.  Pepper that has been smoked.  It adds a nice smokey flavor to anything you put it on.  I love it.  But I also love the taste of the grill.


Skillet Pandora and IheartRadio Stations

I'm addicted to Skillet.  I first learned about them after reading an interview with Jillian Michaels.  It's perfect workout music.  Upbeat and fast without the "I hate my life" lyrics.

Lazy Days at the Beach

I live in a beach town yet, because I have 3 active kids and a normal life, beach time is sort of limited.  I love the days that we can just goto the beach and not worry about what time it is or where we have to go next.

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