Friday, June 20, 2014

Fitness 5 on Friday #3

Don't you love how my dog photobombed my progress pic?

This week has been pretty rough.  Not certain why but, I just really wasn't in a good mindspace. To top it off we haven't had water since yesterday morning.  Did you know that water is needed for A/C? Neither did I until mine stopped working last nite. So, needless to say, my house isn't so happy right now. 

 I got my new monthly plan on Sunday and started it on Monday. I assumed I'd have issues getting my workout in today since Sunny has dress rehearsal for her recital but, I managed to get 95% of it in while Kaylee was at swim and the rest of it I did at home.  So happy I didn't have to pull a super late gym session.

I've been pretty on point.  I've measured everything.  I love that the approved foods allow me to make fajitas.  So, I think my cheat meal next Saturday will be fajitas.  (The salsa and sour cream make it a cheat)  

This is where things have REALLY changed.  I have 2 leg days, and 1 rest day.  I also have HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) every other day, my reps and sets are higher.   

And now for my fitness 5....

1. What is your favorite time of day to workout?
Mornings.  I've been having to workout in the evenings because of the kids being on summer break and it seriously kills me.  I have 0 motivation to hit the gym after 9 am.  So most days I drag myself to the gym even tho I'd rather be sitting on the couch watching tv.
2. What is your favorite Super Food?
Blueberries.  I love them.  I use them instead of jelly on my peanut butter sandwiches.  
3. What are some of your fitness goals?
My big goal is to place in my competition.  I'm smart enough to know that there's a 75% chance it won't happen but, I've still got my sights set on it.  
4. What is your favorite vegetable?
Mushrooms.  I can eat a pound of them in one sitting (and I have.)  I was so excited when I got my new meal plan and mushrooms were on there as an approved vegetable.  
5. What is something fitness or health related that you’d like to work on?
I don't really know if there's just one thing.  I want to work on the weight I lift.  I would love to be able to squat my body weight.  My car accident 4 years ago left me really screwed up (various discs are messed up and I have other issues from it) so I can't lift very heavy and it bothers me.  I always feel like a rock star and then I see how low my weights are set and it kills me.  

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  1. I love the dog photobomb. Hilarious and so... "Well, naturally I'm photobombing, silly!" This is my first time here so I can't compare from any time in the past, but you look great. Congratulations on your progress. I went back to the gym after over a year (please be gentle with your judgment!) and I am considering going tonight after a rehearsal for a show I am emceeing. I think if I walk in the door and manage one "curves" style rotation I'll consider it a success.

    I hope your AC issues get worked out. Glad to "meet" you and look forward to seeing you more! Thanks to jen and #f5onf for the connection!

    1. LOL, thank you. No judgement here. 1 rotation is better than not going at all. Luckily my water got turned on a little while after I posted this.

  2. I can totally see a difference just from last week's pictures! I love mushrooms too. Yumo! I want to go eat some right now. Keep up the great work my dear! You have such a great attitude about your goals :) Thanks for linking up again this week.

    1. Thanks! And thank you for creating this link up.