Friday, August 8, 2014

8 Weeks Left!

Another week down!  As of tomorrow I'll be 8 weeks out!  Where has the time gone?!?  The next 8 weeks are going to fly by.  I have to order shoes, make beauty appointments, buy jewelry, so many thing!  But, my bikini color has been decided.  I'm super excited about it.  I told the girls that they could choose the color and I was very surprised that there wasn't a huge argument over it.  

You know what else is coming up quick?  The end of summer and the girls going back to school.  They go back in 10 days.  Even though it's sad that Sunny is starting Kindergarten {my baby is no longer a baby!}  I'm happy that I will be able to go back to my old gym schedule and not have to watch the clock or miss out of the girls' activities.  


Except for adding chia seeds to my diet {see my post HERE} things have gone back to normal.  I'm really excited about tomorrow.  Pizza cheat meal!  You know you have the perfect cheat meal planned when you're counting down the days.  "___ dinners till pizza!" has been my current random exclamation.  

With the exception of Monday and Tuesday I have been doing my workouts at home.  Don't worry though, I have all the equipment at home to do 95% of my workouts.  {I actually have to hit the gym for about 15 minutes tonite just for a few exercises I can't do here}.  I honestly haven't been able to will myself out the door at 6 am and since the girls have been gone for 3 weeks I haven't wanted to miss out on thier activities.  

I get a new plan on Tuesday and I'm really excited to see what kind of changes are going to be made for the next 4 weeks.  I know that starting today I'm cutting out all soda and really cracking down on my sodium intake.  I'm a bit of a hot sauce junkie and most hot sauces have really high sodium.  

Since I'm thinking ahead.  I know that in 8 weeks I will no longer be focusing 100% of my attention on prepping for this competition.  That means my blog can focus on health and nutrition, diet and exercise in more broader terms.  Is there any subject you would like more info on or more content you'd like to see?

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