Thursday, August 7, 2014

Things I Love Thursday August 8th

Wow!  This week has been busy!  Since we got home from South Carolina on Sunday our days have been packed with stuff!  Mo went back to cheer 3 days a week, I did all the back to school supply shopping {$200, not including clothes!}, and I registered Sunny for dance.  We still need to shop for uniforms, school shoes and I have to get Sunny new dance stuff before the 18th.  

I have made a million shopping lists and a bunch of to-do lists recently.  My memory is so bad!  If I was to rely on it I'd forget almost everything.  I make a monthly menu so I don't forget what we're going to eat each week, I have a calendar with all my blog post topics for the month, it's crazy!  The one thing I never forget is.... 

But I do have to admit, sometimes I'll say "this will be great for my Things I Love Thursday post!" but, if I don't write it down I will end up blanking when I actually write my post.

Real Food
Remember on Friday I talked about how I was living on protein shakes because my stomach would get extremely nauseous if I ate anything else?  Well, I'm happy to say that it was all fixed on Sunday.  On the drive home I got a salad from Subway {before then my stomach would start turning at the thought of a salad}, and I've been able to eat normal since then {well, as normal as a bikini prep diet will let me LOL}

I've traveled to Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina the past few years and every time I leave Florida I come back with a deeper appreciation for it.

Chia Seeds
I bought some yesterday in order to add some fat to my diet.  {You need to eat fat to build muscle.}  They are really good.  They taste alot like poppy seeds and they are very versitile.  You can use them as an egg substitute, use them in desserts and in savory dishes.  One serving is 3 tablespoons (that's alot!) and it has 12 grams of fat (most of which are heart healthy), 12 grams of carbs, 11 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of protein.  If you soak 3 tablespoons of them in liquid they will expand to almost 3/4 cups!  There are other reasons to eat them.

  1. They are high in antioxidents
  2. Most of the carbs in them are fiber
  3. They are high in quality protein
  4. They are high in Omega-3s
  5. They can lower the risk of heart disease
  6. They can help you lose weight\
  7. Lower the risk of diabetes and can help with diabetes symptoms
You should seriously get some to try!  

Okay, I've told you the things I love this week.  Have you found anything that you really love this week?

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  1. I love chia seeds! I always some in my fridge!